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Guidelines to follow when buy oil paintings

Updated: Aug 6

Condition of the artwork

Rotate the Painting, check the canvas, the fabric is it linen or cottons?, is it in a good condition?

Look at Artist Signature

Do not buy a new original painting without having a close look at the artist portfolio, inspect the signature of the artist on the canvas, in the artist portfolio you can see the development of the artist skills through time, does the artist has the potential to rise in value?

Versatility of the artist portfolio artworks in terms of style(Realism, impressionism, expressionism ….), techniques and subjects(landscapes, still life, figurative....) indicates the professionalism of the artist, otherwise the last thing collectors want to do is buying a hobbyist painting.

Observe the quality of the brushwork

Quality of the artist’s brushwork … allows the spectator to recreate how the artist moved the brush and applied paints to get the artwork out to light.

Buy what you love

Make certain that you purchase something that you adore. Take your time deciding what you like in a work of art. What kinds of paintings do

you naturally gravitate toward? Is it a specific style, artist, or time period? You can make a decision by looking through galleries, museums, art books, and websites. If you’re thinking about buying art as an investment, you’ll need to know this. Keep in mind that paintings take a long time to appreciate in value, so it is better to buy a painting because you like it rather than hoping it will be worth a lot of money someday.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you’ll be able to find the perfect oil painting to meet your requirements and provide you and your family with years of enjoyment.


A good composition is one where the artist controls the movement of the viewer's eye to a beneficial result. We can do this by a number of means, such as reinforcing the focal point with the Rule of Thirds, implied lines, contrast of value and selective colour saturation.

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