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Original artwork, oil painting For Sale, on canvas, One-of-a-kind.

To create this piece of art the artist used:

Hog Bristle brushes; Hog hair bristle has a unique remarkable brushstroke, stiff hog hair brushes (referred to as bristle brushes) enable the artist to adjust the color gradient on canvas, i.e., adding more pressure on the hog's hair bristle would blend two overlaying tones on the canvas. Also, the Hog's hair brush's stiffness enables the artist to work with high-consistency oil paint, if the artist intends to create an oil painting with a remarkable texture.


For solvents, the artist used turpentine, which increases the fluidity of oil paints but makes the binder oil dry faster, also used clove oil as a solvent to delay the dryness of the binder, as it delays the oxidation process.

As a binder, the artist used Linseed oil, which dries to form a strong flexible film, and also Safflower oil(which takes more time to dry).

Artists mixed high-quality pigments with both Binder(linseed oil) and Solvent(turpentine) to create the desired consistency and finish.


Impasto technique; Impasto is a technique used in painting, where paint is laid on canvas thickly, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible, when dry, impasto provides texture.

Type of canvas:  cotton fabrics.

Having the famous bullfighting painting on your wall is a reflection of your artistic taste, your guests will be impressed with this painting on your wall.


This vintage matador painting has a thrilling component embedded into it. The mastery and the action in taming the bull is an art that people have enjoyed for several centuries and still to this day.


You may not be able to visit Spain, or even if you do you don’t visit it every day, but this wall art can remind you of the beauty of Spain every time you look at it.


Bullfighting is a form of sport, and abstract art, the action and the thrill of fighting a bull and coming out not just alive but winning over the bull shows the limits of what humans can do. It’s something many enjoy watching.


In this painting we see the relaxed bullfighter taming the bull with calm nerves, it’s just like he’s dancing with the bull, while the bull is losing his stamina after being exhausted from attacking the red rag.


The colors are vivid and stimulate emotion and action. The cadmium red hue

adds action to the painting and the titanium white is the color of the background of the arena with raw umber and burnt sienna.


This piece of art is painted using a semi-realistic style which is an art form that seeks to combine realistic and stylized depictions of a living being or scene. Using the impasto alla prima technique which reflects a casual and spontaneous style that allows to capture the temporal impressions of bullfighting.


By Kolinsky sable, and hog bristle brushes which is a high-quality tool used by artists to paint their paintings, Kheder was able to paint this lovely piece of art.


It’s painted on timeless canvas which never goes out of fashion and will always add a touch of elegance to your place.  And the painting is shipped with a certificate of authenticity having your name on it.


This painting was painted by Kheder an Egyptian modern self-taught artist, his artworks are being exhibited in private collections in many countries around the world  (USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Emirates,....)


Bull Fighting has its roots in rituals dating back many centuries. In its modern Spanish style, bullfighting first became a prominent cultural event in the early 18th century. Yet despite its cultural significance, bullfighting continues to face increasing scrutiny in light of animal rights issues, Some people consider bullfighting a cruel sport in which the bull suffers a severe and tortuous death. Many animal rights activists often protest bullfighting in Spain and other countries, citing the needless endangerment of the bull and bullfighter.

Some cities around the world where bullfighting was once popular, including Coslada (Spain), Mouans-Sartoux (France), and Teocelo (Mexico), have even declared themselves to be anti-bullfighting cities. Other places, including some towns in Catalonia (Spai