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Original Artwork, oil painting on linen canvas,

Semi-Realistic style, one-of-a-kind, incomparable more than a unique piece of art.


Type of canvas: linen fabrics, it comes first in terms of strength and not absorbing refined paint oils


The artist used:

Sable brushes; While many other natural and synthetic hairs are used for brushes, nothing has quite matched the quality of sable. A brush head made from kolinsky sable, a Siberian weasel that's hair is said to cost three times the price of gold by weight, is the best for control and pinpoint accuracy.


For solvents, the artist used turpentine, which increases the fluidity of oil paints but makes the binder oil dry faster, also used clove oil as a solvent to delay the dryness of the binder, as it delays the oxidation process.

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