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Art Exhibited World Wide

We have been selling Art online since 2010, and our artworks are being exhibited in private collections in many countries all over the world.

KHEDERPAINTINGS. team is experienced in the whole process of distributing Art worldwide, we create certificates of Authenticity, override language barriers and other hassles, provide clear delivery dates, override any legal obligations, and focus on customer service.

Semi-Realistic Paintings

Short, thick strokes of paint quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details, The paint is often applied impasto.

Wet paint is placed into wet paint without waiting for successive applications to dry, producing softer edges and intermingling of color.

Marlyne Monroe oil painting portrait
Seascape art, oil painting on canvas, by Kheder

Alla Prima Paintings

Painting Alla Prima could be challenging, but in most cases, it could be done by two procedures:

     -The first is to apply color tones directly on the canvas, i.e., adjusting the tone on the palette and then adding the paint on the plain canvas.

     -The second technique is trickier, it involves covering the canvas with a layer of paint and then starting to add paints to reach the targeted tones on the canvas, i.e., mixing paints on canvas, First, cover the canvas with a relatively thin layer of oil paints, start to add colors to build the composition, then add Highlights and tint.

Brushstrokes are remarkable and spontaneous all over the canvas, subject edges are loose.

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