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How to turn your painting hobby into a freelancing career( work online)

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

How to turn your painting hobby into a freelancing career, work online
How to turn your painting hobby into a freelancing career, work online

Painting is a very fantastic hoppy. A person with this hobby always experiences good taste in all aspects of his life. He is not just able to exert his internal energy in creating fantastic paintings but indeed can turn the hobby into a successful career.

Now, what could qualify painters to turn painting into a source of income?

To turn your artistic passion into a career means understanding how to expose your art to the public, and how to market art pieces, It means thinking like an entrepreneur.

In this article, we will tell you the best of ways to exploit the talent of art creation in work. Whether for full-time, part-time, or even freelancing.

1- Sell your paintings online

Sell your paintings online, laptop
Sell your paintings online

In the past, Artists relied on gallerists, agents, and retailers to distribute work. The creator tools and sales channels of today were nonexistent. Now, independent artists can own their E-commerce websites, Social media distribution streams, creating and selling their art online.

Nowadays and thanks to social media, anyone can sell and buy anything. So, of course, after creating high-quality art, start your page to post your work. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best to expose the artist's work.

The artist should study Social Media Marketing fundamentals, which would help in targeting the right audience that have a real interest in his work.

2- Portrait drawings

If you can draw portraits, in realistic tones, social media indeed will help you. A page on Facebook or Instagram is a very helpful tool to announce yourself. Also, you can make a deal with any Cafe or Restaurant to provide customers with live portrait service.

3- Working as a graphic designer

Graphic design has become an indispensable job in the marketing field. Which in turn is an essential department in any company or institution. You can be a graphic designer by learning some programs. Photoshop is an essential one, then illustrator which specialized in digital painting. Other programs need to have an artistic talent to be creative and distinguishable. You can learn any of these programs via the Internet or offline courses.

4- Drawing on the wall (murals)

This method has to do with painting work and décor. You can offer your service for painting walls in many places as restaurants, nurseries, and some companies or offices. Also, you can make a deal with interior décor companies to work as a painter.

5- Handmade Crafts

Handmade arts
Handmade arts

Many kinds of handmade art need painting. For example:

  • Decoupage art

  • Porcelain art

  • painting on ceramics

  • Painting on leather or fabric

  • Painting and printing on clothes.

6- Make a painting online course or tutorials

you can make a YouTube channel, which provides courses on drawing and painting. You can prepare content suitable from entry-level to advanced level, etc. You could monetize your views by marketing or promoting this channel on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. Also, there is another way to teach painting to others through reels or Snapchat clips.

7- Work via Freelancing websites

Freelance sites are sites where you offer services like painting. The site acts as an intermediary to ensure your money and that you are not exposed to any fraud process through a specific deal with the customer. In return, it deducts a percentage of your money for the service it has provided you with.

There are many sites, some of them are general and some are specialized in a particular field.

Among these sites, we mention, for example: -

  • Up Work

  • Khamsat

  • Ay-Khedma

  • Mastakel

  • Fever

  • Etsy

Some advice about working in painting.

1- Don't be satisfied with just having talent, always work on developing it, taking care of it, and practicing it.

2- Stay up to date with everything new in the field of drawing, colors, and trends.

3- Learning marketing is your first supporter, whether you work in freelance work or you want to market yourself to work in companies.

4- Make sure you have the best tools needed for drawing as good tools produce a high-quality drawing, which means a good profit and reputation.

5- Learn selling and negotiation skills so that you can convince clients of your talent and abilities. These skills you can learn easily online.

6- Always make a good impression on your customers through diligent work, punctuality, and good handling. All of these things guarantee you a constant customer.


7- Pay attention to the pages of social networking sites, as it is the easiest way now to promote and spread.

8- Post feedback on your work online, so that many customers can trust your work.

9- After-sales service is one of the most important things that make customers flock to you and have permanent dealings with you, and even recommend you to others.

10- Organize your time well and be at your best while working to create a creative painting.

Finally, if you decide to be a freelancer, be careful as it is a double-edged sword. There are no managers, no penalties, and no limited time to work. You are your boss, so commitment, responsibility, punctuality, and quality are required of you. Here you are facing the customer face to face.

If you have any experience working with painting as a freelancer or have a new idea to turn the talent of drawing and painting into a source of income, you can share your comment to pass on your knowledge to all.

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