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Turn Your Passion Into A Freelancing Career

Updated: Jun 17

"Passion is an in-demand fuel in the business world."

A person with a passion would always experience good taste in all aspects of life. A passion would not just exacerbate our internal energy, but, indeed this passion and energy could help in building a successful career.

Turning your passion into a career means understanding how to expose your creativity to the public, and how to market yourself, It means thinking like an entrepreneur.

Even if you lack the skills and the natural talent to impress the public, passion is a huge amount of internal energy that if utilized effectively could guarantee success and superiority in any field.

Having a passion for specific practices is a very big advantage that must be exploited.

Online Platforms Vs Galleries

"Thanks to social media, anyone can sell and buy anything."

"No need for a high-end gallery acceptance."

In the past, Artists relied on gallerists, agents, and retailers to distribute work. The Social media exposure tools and sales channels of today were nonexistent. Now, independent freelancers can own their E-commerce websites, Social media distribution streams, creating and selling their services online.

Thanks to social media, anyone can sell and buy anything. So, of course, after creating a high-quality product, all you have to do is to start your page on a social media platform for free. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best in terms of exposure.

For acceptable results, the freelancer should study Social Media Marketing fundamentals, which would help in targeting the right audience that have a real interest in your work. For example, If you can draw portraits, in realistic tones, a page on Facebook or Instagram is a very helpful tool to announce yourself.

No need for a high-end gallery acceptance. You can make a deal with any Café or Restaurant to provide customers with live portrait service and gain in-person exposure for your work.

Muralists can expose their works online just like on public walls. Restaurants, nurseries, and some companies or offices won't hesitate to find their best muralists online. A deal with interior décor companies would also be online.

A YouTube channel, providing informative courses. could offer content suitable from entry-level to advanced levels, replacing the old fashion in-person studio courses. Monetizing even the views you gain on your work is a great blessing for many creators.

Sell your paintings online, laptop
Sell your paintings online

Freelance sites offer services like Decoupage art, Porcelain art, painting on ceramics, Painting on leather or fabric, Painting, and printing on clothes...etc.

Online platforms replaced galleries as an intermediary to preserve your money and make sure you are not exposed to any fraud.

In return, it deducts a percentage of your money for the service the platform has provided you. There are many types of platforms, some are general and some are more specialized.

If you decided to be a freelancer, be careful as it is a double-edged sword as there are no supervisors, no penalties, and no time limits. You are your manager, so commitment, responsibility, punctuality, and quality are required. Here it is just you and the client.

Guidelines To Be A Successful Freelancer

"Here it is just you and the client."

1- Don't be satisfied with just being blessed with talent, always work on developing your skills, take care of your power points, and practice it.

2- Stay up to date with everything new in your field, and trends.

3- Learning about digital marketing is your first supporter.

4- Make sure you have the best tools needed for drawing as good tools produce a high-quality product, which means a good profit and reputation.

5- Learn selling and negotiation skills so that you can convince clients of your services.

6- Always make a good impression on your customers through diligent work, punctuality, and good handling.

7- Pay attention to social media trends, as it is the easiest way now to promote yourself.

8- Positive feedback on your work online, makes you more trustworthy.

9- After-sales service is one of the most important things that make customers flock, and even recommend you to others.

10- Organizing your time is the foundation of success for you as a freelancer.

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