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Get to Know the Top Art Collectors in The World Part 1

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Art collecting is not only a hobby, it is a great big world. There are many art collectors who are passionate about art investment. For your info, some people invest in art for the sake of investing, they’re not actually passionate about art, just like we discussed in the previous article. So, what to talk about here? Let’s discuss more art collectors in this article…

Top Art Collectors in The World
Top Art Collectors in The World

The Top 5 Art Collectors:

In the previous articles, we talked about the top art collectors in the world the Nahmad brothers whose value collection is $3 billion. Who’s next on the list? Let’s find out!

A June 2021 study analyzed the most interesting art investment products for art collectors worldwide. Overall, 88% of respondents indicated direct investment products as the most interesting to them. Meanwhile, a quarter of the survey sample mentioned non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

David Geffen:

Starting the list with the Founder of Asylum Records, Geffen Records, and Dreamworks Animation, ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr. David Geffen whose value collection is $2.3 billion. What does his art collection focus on? David Geffen's art collection has a strong focus on the midcentury work of American artists. You can truly say that his collection is so powerful that it still holds weight even after selling Pollack's No.5, 1948 as well as De Kooning's Women III. He is not only a skilled and smart businessman but also he has been deemed a smart art collector in terms of both buying and selling. Matter of fact, his art collection is the largest owned by a single person. David's art collection is splendid and has definitely influenced the art world in the US by a landslide.

Eli and Edyth Broad:

Meet the Broads, they are often referred to as the greatest collection of contemporary art, they accumulated more than 2 thousand artworks, and their value collection is $2.2 billion! The Broads put many works on display at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles. Let's take a closer look at Eli Broad... He is the only person to have started two Fortune 500 companies and does as much in his philanthropic work as in his business ventures. The Broads are known for being selfless, as they are on a mission to share their passion and love of art with the entire world! At the Broads Museum, you will get the chance to see famous artworks from their art collection such as Two Marilyns by Warhol, I...I'm Sorry by Lichtenstein, and Untitled by Rauchenberg. If you’re planning for your next trip to see the best art collections, well, you’ve got your destination now! Pack your bags and get ready.

Philip Niarchos:

Philip was fortunate to have a fortune of $5 billion and a huge art collection upon his father's death in 1996. The value of the collection is $2.2 billion. Philip was the eldest son of the Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos, who was shrouded in scandal from drug overdoses to murder. It is said that among his amazing huge art collection, he has the largest stockpile of Van Gogh paintings in the world. The love of art runs in the family, so Philip has added some masterpiece purchases to the lot since the art collection was passed down. For your info, Niarchos was one of the first art collectors to put a dollar value on Basquiat's genius, buying Self-Portrait for $3.3 million which was vastly more than his other work was going for. On the other hand, other famous pieces he owns include Self-Portrait by Van Gogh ( the one after the ear chop) and Yo Picasso by Picasso.

Francois Pinault:

Meet the French billionaire and founder of fashion brands Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent, and many more! If you don't know this about Gucci's founder, well, yes he is one of the top art collectors in the world, and to your surprise, he has been an art collector for more than 30 years. So, what is he passionate about? He loves modern and contemporary art and he has an art collection of over 2500 pieces! If you ever go to Venice, you can see some of the Pinault Collection at the Palazzo Grassi. And yes Francois has it all! He owns artworks by some of the most creative artists that have ever hit the scene including Warhol, Koons, and Rothko. And the value of the collection is $1.4 billion.

Steven Cohen:

This American investor and hedge fund manager is also a wealthy buyer with a reputable art collection with a value of $1 billion, which puts him n sixth place among all art investors. Steven Cohen has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a wide variety of works, from post-impressionist paintings to modern art. His art collection includes some significant pieces such as Madonna by Munch, Police Gazette, and Woman III by De Kooning, one of Pollock’s famous drip paintings, Bathers by Gauguin, and Young Peasant Woman by Van Gogh. Yes, the list still goes on and on, follow us and wait for the second part of the top art investors!

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