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What Is So Special About Oil Painting

Updated: Oct 5

Do you imagine how would the world be if there was no passion? No art? No touch of authenticity? We would be living in a dull world. We can witness art in everything around us. Starting from the smallest creations to the biggest ones.

Oil painting has its unique touch in the art world. If you still don’t know how special oil painting is, let me tell take you on an authentic journey of exploring this beautiful type of painting.

"Oil painting value and inspiration."

Oil painting is a method of painting with pigments and a drying oil medium as a binder. For so many centuries, oil painting has been the most popular method for artistic painting on canvas or wood panels, expanding from Europe to the rest of the world.

Oil painting produces perfect colors and tones that make oil painting different from other painting mediums and materials, it can also create both crisp effects and satisfactory linear treatment.

Back in the 7th century AD, when the oldest known oil paintings were created by Buddhist artists in Afghanistan.

What You Need To Know About Oil Painting: Definition, History, and the most famous oil paintings:
Definition, History, and the most famous oil paintings:

"Oil paints can produce opaque, transparent, and translucent paintings."

Artists' oil pigments are created by combining dry powder pigments with chosen refined linseed oil to form a paste and then grinding it with high friction in steel roller mills.

If you’re an artist or you’re starting to use oil paints you will see that they’re heavier than many other painting mediums, such as watercolor or ink but they can be thinned with turpentine. However, oil paints can produce opaque, transparent, and translucent paintings.

As an artist, you may use various oils in the same painting, depending on the pigments and desired effects. Oil paintings are meaningful, and their worth is determined by their age and maturity.

An examination of the chemicals used in the artwork can reveal the foundation of an oil painting. The oil painting tests can determine whether the painting is real or counterfeit.

The most famous oil painting is the Mona Lisa; it is one of the most iconic images in the world, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1506 during the Renaissance art period and is currently in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

What’s Special about Oil Painting?

· Oil paintings are valuable and worthy, and the most observable reason for people purchasing oil paintings is for contemporary fashionable thinking as well as for adding beauty to their households.

· Furthermore, oil paintings are highly considered to establish high status among homeowners; however, several owners purchase oil paintings according to their taste, and these oil paintings are highly regarded as the stuff of massive beauty throughout the world.

· Oil painting is so popular because it offers versatility to the artist and it’s special because it allows one to explore several painting styles when creating beautiful landscapes, portraits, and abstract paintings. It’s always nice and relieving to express yourself in different ways, especially, in the ways, you’re passionate about. It will be like expressing yourself while creating art.

· Oil painting is special because it’s not modern art, its roots went back to Italian Renaissance art back in the 15th century, and the use of canvasses also caught on during the Renaissance.

· The oil painting has a smooth and buildable texture and can be applied to linen, cotton, or hemp fiber canvas. And this is a pleasing thing to know because you now know the choices of substrates that will be available to you.

· Also, you will find a wide range of synthetic brushes for portrait drawing in case you’re a portrait lover!

· Most oil paints are non-toxic and safe, painters also prefer oil paint to acrylic because it uses a natural drying agent called linseed oil, it also dries fast and it allows the painter to rework the paint layer if needed and while it dries, it doesn’t reek of chemicals or leave fumes.

· Oil paints are easy to use now because the formula of oil paints has changed over the years. As we see, modern-day paints have a significant lightfast rating as they can come with UV screeners just to protect your oil painting artwork from damaging factors.

· Proper maintenance involves keeping it in a humidity-controlled room and varnishing, so oil paintings can last a long time. Oil paintings can stay fresh for at least ten to fifty years!

· Your oil painting’s best friend is grisaille! Grisaille helps you accentuate experiments and underpainting with shadows.

· Oil paintings are so special because their value of them grows with time, as they also develop a high status for the owner who possesses such artwork.

· You can easily apply changes to oil paintings because oils take time to dry and this means you change your painting shortly after making it. This pleases many artists, as they like this attribute of oil paints as it gives them a long time to work on their paintings.

· People have been inspired by the works of famous oil painters for centuries! Because antique oil paintings made during the Renaissance period are a few of the best ones!

Next time you see an oil painting, you will know how special it is, where the inspiration comes from, how it all started, and how lovely would your home be with beautiful landscape oil paintings.

It is amazing how the artwork of oil painting can have so much value and inspiration!

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