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Peony Flower painting for sale, original oil painting for sale, Art by Kheder

Original Peony painting on canvas for sale.

Original Oil painting, Impasto-Realistic style, one-of-a-kind, incomparable more than a unique piece of art.

Peonies are stunning flowers that come in many colors and shapes, from single petals to fluffy pom-poms.

Why This Piece Of Art Is Unique?


Sable brushes; While many other natural and synthetic hairs are used for brushes, nothing has quite matched the quality of sable. A brush head made from Kolinsky sable, a Siberian weasel whose hair is said to cost three times the price of gold by weight, is the best for control and pinpoint accuracy.


For solvents, the artist used turpentine, which increases the fluidity of oil paints but makes the binder oil dry faster, also used clove oil as a solvent to delay the dryness of the binder, as it delays the oxidation process.

 As a binder, the artist used Linseed oil, which dries to form a strong flexible film, and also Safflower oil(which takes more time to dry).


Artists mixed high-quality pigments with both Binder(linseed oil) and Solvent(turpentine) to create the desired consistency and finish.


Impasto technique; Impasto is a technique used in painting, where paint is laid on canvas thickly, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible, when dry, impasto provides texture.


Tough and vigorous, funnel-shaped, soft Orange double flowers. Interestingly, some petals may display white streaks of freckles, adding further beauty to the plant.


This unique original flower paintings in oil to brighten your day. Floral images that will never fade, droop, or cause allergies. Flowers could represent a wide range of feelings and emotional states, whether as an extra detail or as the focal point of love and enthusiasm, as well as the desire for pureness, innocence, and sometimes even death.


The main objective of flowers is reproduction. Flowers use their colorful petals to attract bees like insects and animals during the reproductive cycle. Flowers celebrate love, solace in sorrow, and congrats on accomplishment and friendship.

Peony Flower Painting | Original Oil Painting For Sale

  • Shipping

    Express Shipping Service, Delivered within 5-10 days.

  • Dimensions

    26 cm Width, 36 cm Height.

  • Package

    Professionally Rolled in a reinforced tube.

  • Artist


  • Certificate Of Authenticity

    The artwork is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.