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semi realistic seascape painting for sale, original oil painting for sale

Welcome to our online store featuring original oil paintings for sale, including this stunning seascape oil painting. This one-of-a-kind piece captures the beauty of the ocean and will make a serene addition to any room in your home. Available at an affordable price, this painting also offers investment opportunities as original artwork tends to rise in value shortly.


The unique style and color palette of this seascape oil painting makes it a must-have for any art enthusiast. Don't miss the chance to add this beautiful and valuable piece to your collection.


The original painting depicts Gleem Bay In the ancient city of Alexandria Egypt.

Seascape paintings may allude to purity and cleansing, or perhaps serenity and tranquility.


Paintings can also symbolize nature's unpredictability and volatility. Water, or specifically the ocean, carries with it an untamed power. Seascape paintings' vastness often reminds us of our own fragile mortality.


Seascapes may symbolize the vastness and power of the natural world, with the sea often seen as a force to be reckoned with and evoking a sense of awe and respect.

Type of canvas: Thick Cotton fabrics.


Sable brushes; While many other natural and synthetic hairs are used for brushes, nothing has quite matched the quality of sable. A brush head made from Kolinsky sable, a Siberian weasel whose hair costs three times the price of gold by weight, is the best for control and pinpoint accuracy.


For solvents, the artist used turpentine, which increases the fluidity of oil paints but makes the binder oil dry faster, also used clove oil as a solvent to delay the dryness of the binder, as it delays the oxidation process.


As a binder, the artist used Linseed oil, which dries to form a strong flexible film, and also Safflower oil(which takes more time to dry).


The artist mixed high-quality pigments with both Binder(linseed oil) and Solvent(turpentine) to create the desired consistency and finish.

Seascape oil painting for sale

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