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How to price a piece of ART

Updated: Aug 2

Most artists and collectors use their emotions when they are pricing their art.

Pricing artworks with emotions and not by studying the market is a recipe for disaster.

It is essential to put your emotions aside when you are selling a work of art.

The more you study the art market, the better prepared you will be when it is time to decide on a retail price for your original paintings.

If you would like to see your art sell and not collect dust in your studio, take the time to learn how to price art.

Oil paintings are high in demand because of their perfection and realism. These paintings have been the prime center of the art in history for hundreds of years.


materials cost, the size, and your art’s quality dictates your price point, not your connection with the art.


The demand and supply rules work here too, an artist portfolio with dozens of paintings that are similar to each others, chances for any of these paintings to rise in value is absent, scarcity indeed equals value, versatility of the artist is crucial to limit the supply and create a demand around his artworks.

Who is the artist

the artist ability to deliver his message to the public, to use his tools in characteristic distinguishable way and to interact with the community emphasizes his artworks chances to be a good investment.

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