What does it mean to be an artist

Updated: Nov 25

What does it mean to be an artist
What does it mean to be an artist

An Artist is a person who can affect people's emotions to deliver his message.

whilst a scientist is a person who can push humanity forward by logic, an artist is a person who could do the same thing through emotionally effective works.

Being an artist is not just about being a person with the talent and the skills to conceptualize and make creative works,

Being an artist means you could immortalize the message you are delivering in your artwork, a message in an artwork could change the community's point of view towards an idea, or behavior, or even redefine what is ethical and what is not.

What does it mean to be an artist
Artist's studio

Being an artist is not about a job or degree; it is a lifestyle. It is about having a passion for your work, seeking continuous improvement, and striving for perfectionism with the highest level of self-motivation. Most importantly, artists never give up on their dreams.

To understand the word artist, we need first to define the word art, what is art, can we define art as a product of creativity and beauty?

Touching people's emotions is a critical, negative, or positive action, we would rather exchange the word beauty because art could carry more than just beauty, art could carry the expressions of fear, anger, or even a horrifying sad tragedy,

To be more accurate we can define art as "the creation of emotionally effective works that touch the heart to deliver a message."

To be an artist you need first to be able to touch people's emotions with your works, then you should be able to deliver your messages, your way of seeing the world around you to the hearts of your art viewers,

The Stronger the artist's ability to reach people's emotions, the wider the message he is carrying will be delivered, here we can see the importance of being an artist.

When we look at the life of artists like Vincent Van Gogh or Monet, we see that being an artist means more than just having a paintbrush or chisel in your hand.

To be an artist, It’s a state of mind, a way of seeing the world.

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