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Boat Art | Original Oil Painting

Boat Art, Boat artist on the shores of historical Alexandria City, Alexandria Shores is treasured by many Cairenes as a place to find rest, peace, and pleasure due to its breathtaking landscapes and monuments, and unique cultural sites.

The artist frequently visit the Seaside to research color, light, and motion. Numerous artists have attempted to catch the atypical lighting that is often stable in the sky and shaky in the sea. For those who want originality this canvas painting is a highly approachable theme.

original oil painting on canvas by artist Ahmed Kheder, the painting is about Boat Art

Nerium Oleander
Flower Painting

Original Oil Painting, Semi-Realistic painting style, on linen canvas, Nerium Oleander Splendens Variegata is a bushy evergreen shrub, funnel-shaped, soft pink double flowers. Interestingly, some petals may display white streaks of freckles, adding further beauty to the plant, that grows thickly and quickly in almost any conditions - very beautiful but it is poisonous if eaten in sufficient quantities.

oil paintings, museum quality art

This website introduces a unique collection of original oil paintings for sale by the artist and keeps in touch with our art Collectors from the start of the purchase process to Packaging and shipping info till Delivery, Resale services are also available...

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