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Original Oil Paintings

Value And Inspiration

Timeless Oil Masterpieces by Kheder

Welcome to the official website of Kheder, a visionary oil painting artist whose work embodies a unique blend of sophisticated philosophical themes. Established in the heart of the Middle East, Kheder has garnered international acclaim, with his evocative paintings featured in private collections around the globe...

Landscape Marsh.jpg

Landscape Oil Paintings for Sale

Elevate your space with this stunning Marsh Landscape Painting, an original high quality oil painting for sale. This one-of-a-kind artwork is expertly crafted with high quality canvas and features rich, vibrant colors achieved through the use of high-quality pigments.

Paintings From Egypt

Boat Building Workshop | Original Oil Painting for Sale

Modern Egyptian Art, whether in the form of painting, sculpture, or carving had the power to maintain a universal immortal message. This collection represents a series of original oil paintings as a part of modern Egyptian art.

Boat Building Workshop oil painting for sale

Animal Oil Paintings

Arabian Horse | Original Oil Painting for Sale

"Arabian Majesty" 

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of the Arabian horse with "Arabian Majesty," an original oil painting that captures the essence of this majestic creature in a truly unique and captivating way. Created with meticulous attention to detail and employing a distinctive blend of colors and techniques, this artwork is a testament to the beauty and grace of the Arabian horse.

Don't miss your chance to bring the beauty of the Arabian horse into your life. Purchase "Arabian Majesty" today and experience the magic for yourself.

Horse oil painting

Floral Oil Paintings

Oleander Flower | Original Oil Painting for Sale

Original floral paintings in oil to brighten your day. Floral paintings that will never fade. Flowers could represent a wide range of feelings and emotional states, whether as an extra detail or as the focal point of love and enthusiasm, as well as the desire for pureness, innocence...

original oil painting for sale, painted on canvas by artist Kheder, Flower oil painting

Portrait Oil Paintings

Marilyn Monroe | Original Oil Painting for Sale

"Ethereal Marilyn"

Introducing "Ethereal Marilyn": A mesmerizing portrayal of Marilyn Monroe that transcends time and space, capturing her essence in a realm of ethereal beauty. This captivating oil painting on canvas transports you to a dreamscape where Marilyn's iconic allure is imbued with a unique vibrancy and depth.

Experience the magic of "Ethereal Marilyn" and let her timeless beauty captivate your heart and soul. This is not just a painting; it is a masterpiece, destined to evoke wonder and admiration for generations to come.

Marilyn Monroe Oil painting for sale
Anarchic oil painting by Kheder.jpg

Anarchic Oil Paintings For Sale

Welcome to the Anarchic Expression Oil Painting Collection, an evocative series of oil paintings that challenge the status quo and provoke a profound contemplation of freedom, rebellion, and the human spirit. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the power of artistic anarchy, characterized by bold, thick textured brushstrokes that bring a raw, visceral energy to the canvas.

These paintings are not merely visual spectacles; they are impassioned statements, imbued with the chaos and dynamism of a world in flux. The artist's masterful use of texture and color invites the viewer to delve into a realm where conventional boundaries dissolve, and the essence of individual expression reigns supreme.

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